The Immortal Hulk Vol. 1: Or is he both? | English Review #8

This Review is the english version of the The Immortal Hulk Vol. 1 post, which was one of my Marvel Comics i read to heal my crushed fandom!

Facts about the comic

Title: The Immortal Hulk Vol. 1: Or is he both?

Author: Al Ewing

Artist: Joe Bennett

Publisher: Marvel

Pages 128

Release: December 4, 2018

Story: human, monster or both?

Bruce Banner is dead, or rather he was dead. Alone, he moves from city to city to find those who do evil. However, somebody else comes out when the night falls. Hulk, the immortal Hulk is looking for the bad ones. As the Hulk sightings pile up, reporter Jackie McGee goes in search of the green colossus. She receives support from Canadian hero Sasquatch, who has a personal relationship with Bruce Banner. It begs the question if Bruce / Hulk is a human or a monster or even both …?

My opinion on the comic

A comparison with Damage, Comic I reviewed in December, can be difficult to avoid because the main characters have similar characteristics. While the former comic sets more on action, The Immortal Hulk is more of a horror-heavy way. The titular green colossus is given more monster-like qualities as the night is the time of the hulk. Aside from characterizing and developing the Hulk and illuminating the relationship with Bruce Banner, The Immortal Hulk has an appealing drawing style that credibly depicts the monstrous aspects of Hulk, Sasquatch, and other gamma rays.

But the comic never forgets the core premise of human duality. Every person has two sides.

One you see and those you do not see.


The Immortal Hulk is a solid entry into the new Green Colossus series, suitable for both newcomers and older fans.

For my taste, the horror aspect could have been more in focus but the mix of horror and science fiction works very well. In addition, the action pleases and also the drawing style is very successful.

I give for The Immortal Hulk Vol. 1: Or is he both? the valuation worth reading!

That’s it from my side. We read in the next post!

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