The Amazing Spider-Man #2 & #3 | English Review #11

Batman, Hulk & Venom … it’s getting time for some change, but until that happens, my review on Amazing Spider-Man issues 2 & 3!

Amazing facts

Title: The Amazing Spider-Man #2 & #3

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn

Publisher: Marvel

Era: Fresh Start

What happened so far …

For Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, nothing is really going on right now. His company is gone, his relationship with Mary Jane is past and when he is accused of plagiarism, he loses both his professional and his private reputation and his doctorate. He also loses his reputation with the other heroes, but after a defensive attack by Mysterio on New York, Peter changes his life and re-establishes a relationship with his great love Mary Jane.

Peter’s life is getting new momentum. He is with Mary Jane, the love of his life in a happy relationship, and celebrates minor accomplishments as a superhero. He also pushes the school bench at the super villain „The lizard“? Doctor Connors is now able to control his lizard-like self and has been rehabilitated.

However, when the Connors class is attacked by Taskmaster and Black Ant (former fighter Hydras), can Spiderman save the day, even though Peter is also present? Due to an accident Spiderman is separated from Peter, which means that both can exist as independent persons. How will this mess go on …?

Issues # 2 & # 3 of the current The Amazing Spider-Man series place a strong emphasis on humor, which, in combination with the more relaxed atmosphere, is a huge contrast to other Marvel series like Venom, Immortal Hulk or Secret Empire. However, just the relaxed atmosphere is extremely pleasant and above all refreshing, if one looks at the regular comic landscape. Besides, the comic still manages to be serious, if necessary.

Furthermore, the comic takes a lot of time for Peter and his relationship with M.J., which underlines the humanity of our friendly (ex?) Spider from the neighborhood. Not only narrative, but also optically pleases the expenditure 2 & 3 very well. The style underlines the casual atmosphere and has that certain style that only Spider-Man comics have. It’s hard to describe, but the comic has its own charm.

All in all, the issues 2 & 3 of The Amazing Spider-Man are convincing and shine primarily on a staged level. Both the conversations with interesting twist and the generally prevailing humor make this comic so worth reading, which is also the rating given by me!

We read in the next post! Have a good read!

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